Work Days at Gatorback

Gatorback Cycle Park

Work Days at Gatorback

GATORBACK work weekends are coming! Trail layout and prep is now happening every weekend starting the 13th of March. This will give us 5 weekends before the race weekend. There is a sign-up for volunteer positions on the actual race weekend online at On work weekends, we will meet under the oaks at 9am. If you can’t make it at 9 feel free to come later and join the fun. We usually try to be done and leaving around 3pm. We will knock out what needs to be done and then get some ride time in. RV sites are available for overnighting. RV spots from row of oak trees over towards the entrance road will be unlocked and power on until race weekend. Anything in open field will not be turned on until race weekend. No charge for electric/water on work weekends. If you have a preferred task, I ask you to sign up for it now. If you wait until the weekend of the race you may be asked to do a less desirable task. For the new members when we say “work weekends” don’t be turned away. Not only will you get your club work days knocked out there’s lots of opportunity to ride property that is off limits the rest of the year as well as the famous Gatorback track. I hope to see everyone out there and with this clubs outstanding members I’m sure we will have another outstanding event. If for any reason, you can’t sign up on the RCDR website you can email [email protected], message on the RCDR Facebook Group Page at, or text /call James Benton at 904-589-0093, Event Chairman. Trailboss: Mundy by phone at 904-465-2013 or by email at [email protected]. Announcements will go out on the Group page followed by an email to members. Feedback and interaction on the Group page is encouraged. We still need to get the word out about the Group page. Helpful Tools: Stapler & Staples, Loppers, Pruners, Chainsaws, Weed Eaters, GPS, Cordless drills, Skillsaw, Sawzall, Mini-sledge, Pole saw Thank you all!! James

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    Work Date:
    Sat 4/10Sun 4/11

    Anyone else coming with you to help out?

    Let us know what you can bring.Stapler & StaplesLoppersPrunerChainsawWeed EaterGPSCordless DrillSkillsawMini-sledgePole saw

    20525 NW 46th Ave, Alachua, FL 32615

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