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NFMX - Work Day

North Florida Motocross is having their annual Father’s Day race on June 21st.

NFMX has requested RCDR to come up for a work / clean-up day the week before the race.

The dates available for work credits

  • Track Prep
    Clean-up, weed eating, fence mending, etc.
        •   Saturday – 6/13/2020
        •   Sunday – 6/14/2020

    5 – 8 people to help with flagging, sign-up, trophies, etc.
        •   Sunday – 6/21/2020

Helpful Tools: Weed Eater, Post Hole Diggerr, Hammer and Stapler & Staples.

This is a great opportunity to learn the inner workings of putting on an MX event. Even our most seasoned members could benefit from this.

It’s not out of the question that RCDR may host an MX event someday. Promotion and logistics of an MX is much different than our normal venues.

Allen does a great job and a lot can be learned from his experience. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun being on the track during the race.

Any members are welcome to enter the Father’s Day Race.
For more info contact Allen by phone at 904-504-2310 or by email at

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Work Date:
Sat 6/13Sun 6/14Sun 6/21

Anyone else coming with you to help out?

Let us know what you can bring.Weed EaterPost Hole DiggerHammerStapler & Staples

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