Jess Polvikoski – Vice President

Jess is the Vice President of RCDR and she has generously volunteered with RCDR for the past several years. She is the main organizer of the registration for RCDR racing events (hare scrambles and enduros) and she has courageously carried through in locales which ranged from fields of cow patties to air conditioned luxury offices.

We would not expect anything less from a lady of Jess’ caliber. She is a retired military officer and the better half of RCDR’s “Superman”- aka Aki Polvikovski, the veteran of uncounted endurance events.

Although at the moment Jess is not an active rider (but we are working on it), Jess has supported Aki by running the chase truck in three Baha 1000 races, both in prerunning as well as during the race. She has interesting stories to tell!

At this time Jess is working on RCDR’s annual party (formerly the Xmas party) and she is looking forward to the next social event. If you have any ideas and suggestions, give her a shout.

She can be reached [email protected]

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